Canberra Renovation Projects



Coastal natural bathrooms | Melba and Franklin, ACT

Two recent bathroom renovation projects are both excellent example of a sophisticated natural and coastal design. The use of soft beige tiles, white benchtops, and a white ceramic bathtub gave the space a light and airy feel. Both clients wanted a beach-inspired bathroom with a luxurious feel, and the design team delivered on this brief superbly.

Considered design choices

To make the space appear larger, the design team added an extensive mirror that covered the entire wall behind the sink. This created a sense of depth and added more natural light to the room. The white benchtops provided a clean and fresh look while also adding to the overall aesthetic of the space.

The white ceramic bathtub acted as the focal point in both rooms. The design team used a mix of textured tiles on the walls and floors to lend the space depth and interest.

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Luxurious coastal aesthetic

The renovation also included a new vanity with plenty of storage and modern fittings, which complemented the overall aesthetic. The design team paid attention to every detail, including the choice of tapware, which added to the coastal feel of the space.

The final result was a beautifully designed bathroom that achieved the client’s vision of a luxurious and relaxing space with a coastal aesthetic.


Modern kitchen | Kingston, ACT

The key focus of the design for this Kingston home was to achieve a minimalist look with clean lines and quality materials.

To achieve this, we opted for a set of elegant white and timber cabinets that provided ample storage space and added warmth and texture to the room. The cabinets were paired with a white and marble benchtop that added a touch of luxury and sophistication to the space. The combination of the timber and marble created a beautiful contrast that enhanced the overall look of the kitchen.

Combining modern style with elegant touches

We also incorporated sleek, understated fixtures and fittings, including a built-in oven and cooktop, and a statement range hood. This not only added to the minimalist aesthetic but also maximized the available space in the kitchen.

In terms of lighting, we used a combination of recessed lighting and pendant lights above the kitchen island. This created a warm, welcoming ambiance in the kitchen and added an extra layer of elegance to the space.